Attorneys at Jeffrey Jackson & Associates, PLLC practice residential and commercial foreclosure defense, eviction defense, and real estate and consumer law in Texas.  The Firm also offers consulting services to clients and attorneys outside of Texas. Mortgage transfer fraud and homeowner consumer claims are the focus of our litigation activity. 

For most Americans, the mortgage transaction is one of the most important business deals ever done in a lifetime.  The mortgage experts at Jeffrey Jackson & Associates, LLP fill a void in the legal profession by offering complete foreclosure and eviction defense representation to their clients.  The banks have litigated aggressively to protect their interests since causing the housing bubble and subsequent crash in 2008-2009.  Since the crash, the banks are still engaging in many of the same shady practices that caused the crises in the first place. The attorneys at Jeffrey Jackson & Associates, PLLC are not afraid to take on the banks in court to protect their clients’ rights under the law.

Numerous law firms are nothing more than bankruptcy mills that funnel distressed homeowners to bankruptcy attorneys. Our foreclosure and eviction defense strategies are intended to fight the banks in civil court, not bankruptcy court, and we do not recommend bankruptcy as an option without first making the client aware of bankruptcy alternatives in the present legal environment.